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I’m Dr Sharon Montes

Internationally recognized pioneer in the field of integrative health, Dr. Montes’s 30 years of service brings together the best of classical wisdom and the field of integrated medicine. Sharon’s experience as the medical director of several prestigious health care facilities and her educational efforts have inspired her fellow health care providers and patients to embrace ever an expanding model of whole health care.

Naturally Inspired Health Network - Dr Sharon Montes

How We Can Help You

Strategy 1

Our approach is based on personalized medicine that aims to find and treat the root cause of disease so our patients can return to optimal health and thrive.

Strategy 2

Epigenetics is a new approach to health, wellness and chronic disease that is focused on restoring your health.

Strategy 3

Our Healthy Aging Program is designed to give you all of the tools, knowledge, strategies and accountability you need to get you on the path to total wellness.

Strategy 4

InBody’s medical-grade body composition analyzers use four pillars of technology to provide accurate, precise direct segmental measurement multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis (DSM-MFBIA) extensively validated to gold-standard methods.

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Naturally Inspired Health Network - Dr Sharon Montes

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