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Meet Dr Lauren Kolowski

Dr. Lauren Kolowski is a chiropractor and nutrition expert in Loveland, Colorado, and is co-founder and co-owner of Inside Health and Busy Mom’s Health Revival.
Dr. Lauren was one of the first doctors across the nation to attain Master Clinician status in Nutrition Response Testing. She transitioned to Quantum Nutrition Testing due to needs created through the Covid-19 pandemic and has since changed her practice to be 100% virtual.
Dr. Kolowski was inspired to do what she does today due to her own health journey and now sees it as her mission to help others enhance their health naturally.
Naturally Inspired Health Network - Dr Lauren Kolowski

How We Can Help You

Strategy 1

In your first appointment, you’ll meet with one of our clinically-trained health coaches to review your history and get more details on your current nutritional habits, health concerns, and long-term goals.

Strategy 2

By using in-depth assessments that look at nutrition, lifestyle, and overall health details, our focus is to zero in on the underlying causes of your concerns.

Strategy 3

A follow-up appointment will be scheduled to review your results. Your health coach will tell you what they found, what it means, and how our nutritional program can help you achieve your health goals.

Strategy 4

Based on your needs and goals, your health coach will develop a fully-customized clinical nutrition plan, including dietary suggestions to properly nourish your body while also reducing inflammation and toxic stress.

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