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I'm Carole Ly

Growing up in Tahiti in the South Pacific, I had been around cannabis and learned of its medicinal value. Today I continue to draw from that knowledge to focus on hemp and its healing elements in support of more-balanced lives for people and pets.

I found a home on a farm in Boulder, Colorado, where I could produce high-quality hemp with full-spectrum hemp extract. My Tahitian background also inspired the name for what I do. In my home country, the hemp plant is called “pakalolo,” and the word “mana” means “power.” My mission’s name is the merging of my roots and my call to nature: to harness and share with you Pakamana, the Power of the Spirit Plant.

Naturally Inspired Health Network - Carole Ly

How We Can Help You

Strategy 1

Pakamana nurtures the best of you, your loved ones and your pets with hand-harvested, carefully crafted Hemp Extract products drawn straight from the earth without pesticides or chemical nutrients.

Strategy 2

Through our oil-extraction process, we restore hemp’s original purpose for us: not to alter awareness, but to nourish and serve our bodies and minds with its innate medicinal properties.

Strategy 3

Radiance comes from having true wellness and confidence that come from within. Our Pakamana Hemp Extract products help you achieve greater self-balance and reveal your inner glow.

Strategy 4

Pakamana serves more than people: We devote just as much care to pets. Our products include ingredients chosen for their positive effect on your pet’s most common ailments and well-being.

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Naturally Inspired Health Network - Carole Ly

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